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GO BALLS TO THE WALL and Help Neuter Community Cats!

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Neuter Your Ex for Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day, we're going BALLS TO THE WALL with our purrfectly unconventional offer:
for a $25 donation, you can give the ultimate gift of love - neuter your ex and help us hang their...uh, unique signature on our wall of shame!

Your donation will go towards neutering stray/community cats at PURRR's Spay + Neuter Clinic on Valentine's Day.

This is all in good fun, for a good cause and serious situation. This year’s kitten season has proven to be at an all-time high with more homeless kittens than shelters and rescues can take into their care. By spaying or neutering just one cat, we prevent the birth of hundreds of kittens over the course of its lifetime and can reduce the number of homeless cats, alleviating the strain on local shelters and the community.

By joining forces with PURRR’S Spay + Neuter program, you'll be actively participating in an initiative that can break this cycle of unchecked population growth that not only improves the lives of individual cats but also strengthens the entire South Florida community.

WITH YOUR GENEROUS SUPPORT we aim to tackle the issue of cat overpopulation head-on and create a brighter future for our feline friends. Every $50 dollars donated will cover the cost of one spay and neuter for community cats.

Let's go BALLS TO THE WALL and NEUTER those exes (or anyone else on your list!).

Together, we can make a difference and amplify our impact to bring positive change for these cats and our community.

Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication to animal welfare.

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Corporate Matching Gifts

Many companies match donations made by their employees to registered nonprofit organizations. You can ask your company if they might be able to match your donation this year. The impact of your gift to PURRR could potentially be doubled!

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